A message from our Patron – The Duchess of Rutland

Our Patron – The Duchess of Rutland

I am delighted to be the Patron of Dayglo Books Ltd. As a person with dyslexia myself, I appreciate these books being available. The people at Dayglo Books have a real passion for making reading more accessible than ever before to dyslexic people. They have foresight and talent and truly believe in the joy of reading for pleasure.

What are Dayglo Books?..

Dayglo books are the first and only books designed to address the difficulties faced by people who have to deal with Visual Stress and Dyslexia on a daily basis in their lives. We offer understanding, respect and support to these readers and a practical approach to their problems.

A word of explanation - Visual Stress is not “eye strain”. It is the term used to describe “over-excitability” in the visual cortex of the brain when a reader looks at black print on a bright, white background.

Take a look at our selection!

Dayglo Books feature:

  • Non-white paper
  • A spacious page layout
  • A clear type face
  • Well defined paragraphs
  • Ragged right-hand margins
  • A maximum of 100 pages

In other words - they are unique

Dayglo Books provide people who live with Visual Stress and Dyslexia with a range of accessible reading material to suit all ages and tastes, with a catalogue of original, smartly produced, attractive looking books at an affordable price.

YCA Award Winner Rebecca Constable

Dayglo Books is proud to present their newest author REBECCA CONSTABLE. Her evocative piece of creative writing based on her experience of being dyslexic was the winning entry in the 2016 “Nottingham Young Creatives Awards”.
Rebecca’s book breaks new ground. The same book can be had with the text on a choice of six different background colours. The books are not printed on coloured paper – each tint has been carefully selected and is printed on to the background at the same time as the text. Dyslexic readers can select the tint that works best for them. This has never been done before – a world first for Dayglo Books!