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Four in ten people suffer some form of visual stress when they try to read print. They may hold the book at arm’s length, squint and look away from the page frequently; they may develop a headache; suffer nausea; or even have a migraine. And chances are that one of those four people will be dyslexic. Visual stress and dyslexia are ever-present issues for a lot of people, and are not usually addressed in book production, but as an indie author, I realized they can be.

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Rebecca Constable reads from her book at the launch of Nottingham’s bid to become a European Capital of Culture in 2023, on 16th August 2017. (Photo: Rizk McCay)

At the launch of Nottingham's bid for European Capital of Culture in the Luminarium at Nottingham’s Sneinton marketplace there was a spoken word performance by Rebecca Constable, winner of the Young Creative Award 2016, reading from her book “Impact” published by Dayglo Books Ltd. Musical performances, alongside speeches from Nottingham Strategic Cultural Partnership, Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature and the universities, all showcased Nottingham’s talent. The city is full to the brim of ambitious, young creatives and the diversity of the city is something that was massively championed throughout the morning.

Dayglo Books is happy to announce two new titles in preparation.

I have 2 Dog Collars*

This book answers the question many people wonder – what does a vicar actually do apart from Sundays?
This vicar tells how she gave up her high-flying commercial job to train for the ministry. She also talks about her long experience as a puppy-walker for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  She is presently on her 13th puppy. They all get an affectionate mention with some charming photographs.

you can listen to Rev Barbara here:

Despatches from Monkey Bay*

Next is a first-hand account of life as a community nurse in a rural community in West Africa.  The author is an English nurse who spent time on Voluntary Service Overseas.  She kept a diary of her activities which range from the touching to the hair-raising, and describe some fascinating people and experiences.

There are two more titles in the pipe-line

The first is by a gifted musician/singer/songwriter from Australia, the founder of ‘The Spooky Men’s Chorale’ – a unique singing group with a cult following.  He is a philosopher with his own particular view of the world and a real way with words.

The author of the second book was a lawyer and TV presenter before becoming a Member of Parliament in 2010 and serving in David Cameron’s cabinet.  Details of the book’s content are still under discussion. It may focus to her previous careers; discuss her present political concerns; or be a guide to the Palace of Westminster from behind the scenes.

More up-dates will follow as each title is ready for launch.

*Working titles