About Us

Our Mission

Dayglo Books Ltd will print, publish and sell to various institutions, books with special technical adaptations to make them accessible to adults and children who – because they are dyslexic – find traditionally printed books impenetrable. As one dyslexic lady said: “When I look at a page of print, it looks like bar code.” These unique books will provide much needed ‘follow-on’ reading material, being suitable for people who have responded to classroom tuition and want to read, but for whom there is presently nothing except traditionally printed books, taking them back to ‘square one’.

The books will be typeset in a unique, new font specifically designed to be accessible to dyslexic readers and will contain a number of other special adaptations to the text, following British Dyslexia Association guidelines. The cover designs will be smart and modern, the printing high quality and the books will look attractive. They will be paperbacks, affordably priced at £8.99 each.

The team at Dayglo Books has all the expertise and passion needed – editing, proof reading, graphic design and illustration, IT skills, marketing and smart use of media.

Dayglo Books is unique because no one else is producing books like this, aimed at this readership, in this way. The publishing world at large does nothing to accommodate the needs of readers with the kind of perceptual difficulties experienced by two million dyslexic people.