A message from Gloria Morgan

I believe there are many people who would like to read but are prevented from enjoying books by Visual Stress and other problems associated with Dyslexia.

Our starting point is what will work for a reader like this?

We know this means departing from several conventions of traditional book printing, in order to produce books that our readers can relax and enjoy. For example, we know the most helpful adaptation we can make is to print on non-white paper.

New technology plays a part here, and what we are doing now is very exciting.

Originally, Dayglo Books were printed on to cream paper. Recently, using new technology, we have been able to branch out and offer other colours besides.

Starting with white paper, we add a tinted background of our choice which is printed onto the page at the same time as the text.

We know that individual responses to colour vary greatly. Therefore, we have printed our latest title on six different tinted backgrounds so that people have a choice.

The tints are custom designed by Dayglo Books. We can control the colour and saturation level of each tint. So far we have used seven tints and plan, over time, to increase our range to thirty.

Besides colour, Dayglo Books contain many other specific features designed to ensure the best possible reading experience for people coping with Visual Stress and Dyslexia:

  • Specially designed type face
  • Ragged right-hand margins
  • Spacious page layout
  • Well defined paragraphs
  • A maximum of 100 pages
Gloria Morgan

Managing Director
of Dayglo Books Ltd