What Dayglo Books Are

Dayglo Books are the first and only books designed specifically to combat Visual Stress and Dyslexia. 

Dayglo Books Helping with Visual Stress and Dyslexia

Visual Stress affects vast numbers of people.  Nearly half the population of the UK experiences some degree of Visual Stress when reading, which may be mild but is still unwelcome. 

A word of explanation - Visual Stress is not “eye strain”. It is the term used to describe “over-excitability” in the visual cortex of the brain when a reader looks at black print on a bright, white background.

Most frequently, Visual Stress manifests itself by making the text appear blurred. For some people, words appear to distort or move about on the page.  One lady told us that when she looks at a page of print it looks to her like bar code; she cannot distinguish individual letters and words.

In response to Visual Stress the reader may squint and look away from the page frequently.  Visual Stress can bring on a headache, induce nausea or even trigger a migraine attack. Not surprisingly, Visual Stress makes some people reluctant to read.

Everyone with dyslexia experiences a significant level of Visual Stress, compounded by other issues. 

What’s the Cause?

Visual Stress when reading is caused by the high level of contrast between black text and white paper.  Conventionally, books are printed on white paper. Optical brighteners are added to the paper to make it as white as possible, so the books look nice.

How are Dayglo Books unique?

Dayglo Books are not printed on white paper. A range of tinted papers is used instead.  Visual Stress can be combatted by the use of colour.

Dayglo Books contain many other features besides tinted paper. We offer an opportunity to people with Visual Stress and Dyslexia to access and enjoy books – perhaps for the first time.

One lady told us she is 25 years old and dyslexic. She tried the first volume of Cassie, The Story of a Rescue Dog. She got right to the end. It was the first book she had ever read. She said the book made her cry. This was real reading. She was not just de-coding words – she was emotionally engaged with the story. This was very rewarding for us to hear. (PS: The book does have a happy ending.)


Many Thanks

Dayglo Books gratefully acknowledge the support of our Patron, Emma, Duchess of Rutland, who is dyslexic. Also the help of Professor Arnold Wilkins, Head of the Visual Stress Unit at The University of Essex. Also Abelardo Gonzales for the use of ‘Opendyslexic’ font, designed in 2013, used in all our books.

What we are NOT

  • The books are not solely for children – there are plenty of adult titles too.
  • They are not structured teaching material.
  • The vocabulary is not restricted to a reading age of 7 or 8.
  • They are not simply reprints of classic novels using a dyslexia-friendly font – they are all original titles.
  • Dayglo books are not only for people with dyslexia. Anyone can enjoy them for the subject matter and quality of the writing. They are inclusive of all readers.